Angel of Death

Archetype Overview

The Angel of Death is a very important figure in the community and is held in very high regard. She oversees all burial rights and is consulted for matters dealing with life after death. The afterlife is of utmost importance, and her skills can help a recently deceased enter one of the heavens. Her relationship with her divine mistress confuses most, as the Angel of Death directs most souls away from Niflheim.

Executioner (of the Damned) The Executioner of the Damned travels under Hel’s iron decree. They are specialized in killing those whom Hel wishes to claim for herself. A killing blow from an Executioner shrouds the soul from the sight of Valkyries, making an ascension to the promised afterlife unlikely.

Beckoner (of the Death Maidens) The Beckoner of the Death Maidens knows how to commune with Valkyries, the gatherers of the slain. She can call upon their presence so that the worthy warriors are taken up to the heavens. Her powers allow her to increase the level of heroism upon the battlefield.

Shepherd (of the Fallen) The Shepherd of the Fallen has been entrusted with leading the armies of the damned. Draugar and other nether denizens are on good terms with the Shepherd. They will collaborate with the Shepherd heeding her requests. She will use them to enact her will knowing that they cannot ever die.

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Angel of Death

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