Custom Rules

All custom rules are in Three stages

- concept – Discussion on proposed rule and how it works / changes
- testing – characters allowed to use it, changes may be made
- final – nailed down and unlikely to change

Shield Wall :: Characters Adjacent to another character in their front arc can use a single defend action to add the Defense / Parry rating of 2 adjacent friends. They may also use the META tags of these shields. All characters must be facing the same way and in a straight line. (TESTING)
Level Options :: When a level is gained a player presently has three options : Essence , Destiny or re-assign a rune.

A. Presently when a player selects to get a new rune it is random. So Ian idea is to allow the rune selection , but increase the cost to 2. (TESTING)

B. When leveling up, 2 levels can be invested in a Saga. Each point of saga adds to the Dwellers death wyrd, on a permanent basis (Added to the Disir Sheet) (TESTING)

Death :: Gaining a Disir level by the core rules is pretty hard. So we will house rule as follows. The general requirements per Rune pulled do not change yet.

However the matching Rune is pulled from the Dwellers own Rune set, with Runes added to a minimum of 12 (half the runes) . This means new Dwellers can more easily impress the gods / jotun., while experienced ones must do more, as would be expected from them. (TESTING)


Removing conditions :: Some effects ought to have the ability to be removed for more than just the person spending to ignore it. Conditions such as Taunt and Shroud spring to mind. Presently a Dweller / Denizen must spend X runes to ignore the effect for one round. Yet is unable to aid companions to do the same. Assuming that a group is acting and communicating together than that makes little sense unless the condition is being overcome by some form of supernatural / magic effect for just that individual. i.e. the person can see shrouded people by instinct.

  • Shroud : The intensity drops by one when the shrouded individual is “spotted”. However they remain invisible to all allies…
  • Shroud Suggested Change : All allies within 2 hexes of the person “spotting” the shrouded individual can spend a mental rune to also see them, but this does not lower the shroud condition. (TESTING)
  • Taunt : The intensity drops by one when the taunted individual is has specific runes played against them as part of the ignore the Taunt action.
  • Taunt Suggested Change : All allies within 2 hexes of the person shrugging off the Taunt can spend a mental rune to also ignore the Taunt effect, but this does not lower the Taunt condition. (TESTING)

Swarm and Crowd Rules being tested for LotA (TESTING)

- A swarm moves as a crowd not as individuals, so covers a fixed area of hexes on the map, 1 hex per member of swarm, that like Alka must always be adjacent until the swarm is shattered.

- Swarm moral. Every 25% of deaths in swarm pull a rune, if spiritual the swarm shatters and attempts to flee.

- Attacks as a crowd, damage from the size of the swarm is added at a rate of :: swarm volume / denizens * swarm dweller level OR Base dmg * swarm size / targets in reach

- Destiny 1 + 2 / 5 Swarm Members.

- 2 free move actions.

- A basic melee or ranged attack action hits ALL targets within reach/range

- Health = X Runes / Swarm Member . (i.e. Member Health 4 And 10 in crowd = 40 health)

- Swarm Volume decreases for each Member removed for death

- Crowds are not effected by conditions unless amplified by Volume / 5 times

- Crowds use active powers as normal and attack all targets within range.

- All Damage types are considered the same.

- Area Attacks against a Swarm do treble damage.

- Alkas effect a Swarm as normal

Custom Rules

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