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What is known! Ingvar the chieftain is old and wise but worries that his son will cause troubles in the town with money men like Knut and Magnus . The town is plagued by undead Ice Bears that attack without warning and are near impossible to kill. The town guard has failed to drive them off. Indeed matters are made worse by a slave uprising in the mines has cut ore supplies too. The presence of Aud and Volstagg have not made things easier either.

Magnus is man of wealth and stature, the owner of the mine and a man who has brought great wealth and comfort to Evingard

Rumours also have reached the town that Thorsteinn Ingolfsson is calling for an Althing, a communal meeting of Iceland’s leaders. While many look to Thorsteinn as the Lord of Iceland he refuses to take the title.

Meanwhile The Great Vaettir ( Dreki ) of the lands around Evingard has grown sick…and angry as the people of Evingard grow wealthy and yet fall away from the old ways and the land grows poisoned from an unknown source!

Lords of the Ash – BETA

  • Missionary – Available Starting Disir 3 – Playable Beta
  • Godi – Available Starting Disir 3 – Playable Alpha
  • Angel of Death – - Available Starting Disir 3 – Playable Beta
  • Noaidi – Not yet playable
  • Völva – Available Starting Disir 4 – Playable Beta
  • Orlog – Available from Start – Playable Beta


  • Evingard
  • Evingard Docks
  • Evingard Mines
  • Hovel on the Hill
  • Ancient Barrows
  • Skridnir
  • Issfjall
  • Groaning Woods
  • Hreidmars Tears


  • Undead Polar Bears threaten to starve the town
  • Slave uprising at the mines
  • Traders putting the squeeze on the town
  • Killer on the street targeting the weak and lonesome.

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