Archetype Overview

The Orlog seek primordial enlightenment from the great void Ginnungagap. The quest for primal and original truth brings T them to commune with forces untouchable and unseen to most. As a result, they walk a very fine line between genius and madness. Orlogs tread where danger threatens to consume them, but the rewards are unearthly. They are in pursuit of the very building blocks which formed within the crucible of life- the cradle of Yggdrasil. The Orlog manipulate Void magic- the building blocks which form matter, thought and action. Alfar are the embodiment of that fundamental energy.

Curator of Dominions This Orlog sect is most concerned with the creation of matter and life as well as transformation and mutation. You are the blacksmith of life and realms. You know how to evolve your creation for size, toughness, endurance and presence.

Shepherd of Dreams This Orlog sect is most concerned with the subconscious reality which guides all things. Your are the blacksmith of thought and will. You manifest prominent effects that in – fluence the surrounding world.

Sculptor of Breath This Orlog sect is most concerned with the impetus that drives action. You are the blacksmith who forges change and the great legacy which follows.

Powers Overview

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